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Homebi - Bringing The Comfort Of Home To The World

There is nothing better than furniture that gives your home the comforting and soothing feeling you cherish. However, you never want to sacrifice function in your quest to make your house feel like a home. When it comes to imaginative, beautiful, and cozy household products, one brand stands above the rest: Homebi.


What Is Homebi?

Homebi is a global company that aims to provide the world with good-looking, high-quality, and imaginative household products. The Homebi brand was born in 2006 when a designer and his studio partner were furniture shopping and came up with the idea to create furniture that was both functional and created a feeling of “home.”


They knew they would have to combine beauty and imagination to do this, which is how they developed the name “Homebi,” which combines home + beauty + imagination. Beginning with storage furniture, they launched a series of practical home furnishing products that paired their vision of beauty and creativity together and successfully brought the feeling of home to millions of families around the world.


At Homebi, we believe the home holds the warmth that only family, love, and friendship can provide, so we want our furnishings to reflect and emanate that principle. We never sacrifice comfort or quality in our quest to make stunning home furnishings that stand apart from the rest. We aim for every product we create to look beautiful and provide an excellent experience at an affordable price. Every product we produce is carefully crafted, so you can enjoy it for years to come.


Development And Growth

At Homebi, we’re proud to utilize customer ideas and input to help produce the products you want in the styles and finishes you desire. Our customer’s suggestions allow us to set our brand apart and create an integrative experience, unlike any other household product company. Thanks to your input, we’ve recently expanded our inventory to include pet furnishings that are made of the highest quality materials and provide your beloved fur baby with the comfort they deserve at a price you can appreciate!


Thanks to our customer-centered mission, we’ve won the hearts of millions of customers around the globe. The beautiful and comfortable furniture we create is designed to make you want to stay home because home is the best place to be!


When quality, beauty, and imaginative design matter, choose Homebi and see the difference our products make in your space. Don’t settle for less; whatever your style choice, there is a Homebi furnishing that’s right for you. Where there is home, there is Homebi.